Sunday, January 16, 2011

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plans on formidable Maxi Lopez. Latest news Juventus Inter

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piani Juventus su formidabile Maxi Lopez. Ultime news calciomercato Juventus

NEWS Football JUVENTUS . Last Update January 2011 - Torino - Is still a bit to Juventus. Hypothesis Maxi Lopez. The facts have shown that ciт already known, the Juventus и still incomplete because of the many serious injuries that have affected his offensive unit, and only Luca Toni can not provide the necessary energy. Here is a perchи Juventus still very active in the market, looking for another bit of thickness to be attached to those already present. Names will continue to move a lot, but a few hours talking insistently Argentine Maxi Lopez of Catania, certainly a great striker of potential and performance. But Lopez is not the only и player being targeted by Juventus , there are also Antonio Floro Flores, Maccarone and Tommaso Rocchi. View other soccer news and Football on

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